Since August 2017 Dante Art team is a proud owner of the advanced graphic design and visual effects tool Reall Flow “Next Limit” Software. LINK.
Real Flow is one of the most advanced software for particle emission (DYNAMIC SIMULATION) and Visual Effects. This software was used in many Hollywood movies, commercials, and Cartoons. NEXT LIMIT is a Spanish Company with over a 10Years of experience in developing high-end software for Visual Effects.
Real Flow is the technology uses particle based simulations, particles can be influenced in various ways by point-based nodes (daemons) which can do various tasks such as for simulate gravity or recreate the vortex-like motion of a tornado. RealFlow can also simulate soft and rigid body collisions and interactions. The inclusion of Python scripting and C++ plug-ins allows users to program their own tools to improve RealFlow capabilities, adding a control to most aspects of the RealFlow workflow including batch runs, events, daemons, waves, and fluids.
We will be happy to present you some of our work done with Real Flow.

As of now, we are one of the rare company in Calgary who uses Real Flow. As a part of our graphic design program and visual effect, we decided to expand our range and capacity.

We are looking forward to presenting you our latest work using this amazing tool.